Has my Head Gasket gone?

Some of the more common symptoms are as follows:-

Temp gauge higher than normal.

Expansion tank below minimum or full of a dirty sludge.
Heater blowing cold air.

Poor running problems with excess heavy white smoke from exhaust.

Or the old favourite, thick creamy looking oil.

Any of the above could be the sign your head gasket has failed.

Head Gasket Repair

The chances are if you are visiting my web site you have a problem with your MG Rover car. Unfortunately Head Gasket failure is a common problem with all Rover K series engines.


Clutch Replacement

Added to offer customers the opportunity to have their clutch replaced at home with all the benefits associated with MG Rover Solutions. Quality work, Quality Parts &12 months Guarantee


Routine Servicing

To keep your car in tip top condition I offer everything from basic to full service to meet you and your cars requirement. Regular serving will also highlight any areas of concern before they become a major and more expensive problem.


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